Free print raffle!

2017-11-01 01:03:10 by Kurokegumo

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been gone for a while I've been preparing for a convention I'm vending at, But anyways I'm holding a free print raffle for those who want a free print of their choice! If you would like to enter just comment "kurodraws" and I will add you to the contest, there will be 6 winners, 2 per day for 3 days that I am at the covention this weekend. Shipping is free as well so you wont have to worry about covering that cost. 

Thanks for being patient with me guys as it has been extremely busy and i appreciate it greatly! 

Good luck to those who enter!


(P.S. i will contact you through Newgrounds if your name is pulled or make a public post as to who won for the day so there is no confusion.)

What should I draw next?

2017-09-15 22:57:57 by Kurokegumo

Alright, I'm gonna give a couple people the chance to determine what I should draw next, as a way of saying thank you for checking me out and supporting! Just comment and the most commented character(s) will be drawn! I want tis to be fun for all of us! Anyways thanks guys, I totally appreciate it! -Kuro

I have 30% off any item in my store for the next week! Be sure to check the store for some of your favorite pieces!

No code required the coupon will be applied at check out!




2017-04-11 13:15:01 by Kurokegumo

I finally got around to updating my patreon account! I noticed that the site wasn't listed on my websites, so I added it. Below is the rundown on the rewards! See you all soon!- Kuro


Tier 1
$2 or more per Content ∙ Did you just join my team of patrons?! Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU! As an official patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed with project updates and content creation tips once every month.

Tier 2
$3 or more per Content ∙ Every month, I'll have a Patreon-live chat with all of you awesome $3+ patrons, plus all previous rewards.

Tier 3
$5 or more per Content ∙ You'll receive access to an unlisted drawing for your eyes only, plus all previous rewards.

Tier 4
$10 or more per Content ∙ You get the cred. Seriously, your name will get in the credits as a huge thank you being on my team, plus all previous rewards.

Tier 5
$20 or more per Content ∙ Swag is on the way! At this level, you'll get a patron-only shirt (one time only), plus all previous rewards.

Tier 6
$50 or more per Content ∙ Every month, you and I will hang out on a one on one video chat, plus all previous rewards.

Online store?

2017-04-10 21:12:22 by Kurokegumo

Hey everyone, I finally got around to making my store (in the links). If you are a fan of my work please take a look and you are interested in buying go right a head! I will be adding more as the store progresses and grows with me.